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Birdy Nam Nam: Winners of the 2000 DMC World DJ Team Championship. Crazy B, DJ Pone, Little Mike, and DJ Need formed Birdy Nam Nam the next year, taking their name from a line in the 1968 Peter Sellers film The Party. They went on to win the 2002 DMC World DJ Team Championship before shifting their focus to studio work will release an new album « Defiant Order » on September 19 with a tour of France « THE DEFIANT ORDER TOUR ».

Here is the tracklist of Defiant Order album:

Jaded Future
Defiant Order    >Play<   >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Parache >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Written In the Sand >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Cadillac Dreams (feat. Teki Latex)
Big City knights >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Goin’In >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
(The Golden Era) Of El Cobra Discoteca >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
The Plan (feat. Teki Latex
Melancholy At the sports Bar >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Black Bird Cloud >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<
Goin’ In (Noob Remix) >Download on<   >Download on filefactory<



5 Nov. : Zénith de Montpellier
9 Nov. : Le Phare à Toulouse
10 Nov. : Halle Tony Garnier à Lyon
11 Nov. : Zénith de Nantes
18 Nov. : Zénith de Strasbourg
19 Nov. : Zénith de Paris


Interview by Benjamin Lassale [French]

Clip Goin’In

Birdy Nam Nam – Abbesses