Pelussje RMX Contest & Interview with Electro News

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Rock music has The Kills, Pop music has Eurythmics, and Folk music has Rodrigo y Gabriela. Electronic music has its boy & girl duo too: Pelussje!
You have probably already heard about them and their remixes. If you like them as much as Electro News, you probably know that they released an EP this winter on Freakz Me Out Records, called « BLUE DEMON VS EL SANTO », made of three original tracks (Blue Demon, Vs & El Santo).
Pelussje like to be original and surprise all their fans. So if you have not already seen the official video of Blue Demon here is the link:

BUT, now it’s YOUR TURN to surprise Pelussje and make an odd RMX of one of their original song!!
This contest is organized for you to express you creativity:
The rules are simple, pick up one of the EP’s song in the following links and make a remix which represents you and your way of making music.
Please do not publish your RMX on your Soundcloud page or whatever, we want all your tracks to be exclusive!
The jury (Pelussje & the Electro News Team) has mainly one criterion: SURPRISE US!!!
Every musical genre is permitted, electro is just the tip of the iceberg!

Download the song STEMS here!




You have until the 31st of August to send your Remix to:,
be careful to send only download links (Mediafire, Zshare, Zippyshare, etc), no attachments please.

Please do not publish your RMX on your Soundcloud page or wherever else, we want all your tracks to be exclusive !

After that, the jury will select the best 5 remixes of each track and make a 15 tracks « BLUE DEMON VS EL SANTO REMIXES ALBUM », that will be published and promoted in free download on and on official Pelussje’s website

The very best RMX (selected between the 15) will be awarded by a luxury pack of beautiful prizes:
-One pair of SOL REPUBLIC « Tracks » Headphones customized by Pelussje
-Two Limited Edition Pelussje T-Shirt
-Exclusive Surprise Gadgets pack

So If you want to be the lucky and be part of this album’s adventure, express your creativity!!
And remember…unleash yourself, be original and SURPRISE US!!

Here is the Facebook link of the Contest Event:

And now, to encourage you, here is two little surprises…
Discover the preview of Pelussje’s new single « Pelussje Fear Satan »:

…and just for you, we made an interview of your favorite group!
Enjoy it as much as we enjoyed to make it…

  • Hi, could you present yourself : Where are you from? What do you do on week-ends ?

Hello folks! We are Pelussje, a girl and a boy who -unfortunately- live in the greyest city in the world: Milan, Italy. During our weekends we « put the bread on the table » djing for drunk kids all around the world. Yep. This is how we like it.

  • Since when do you play electronic music ? Which artist gave you the taste of electronic music? Which artists inspire you ?

James: in 2004, we were an electro/pop live band at that time, we used to play in dirty squats and small clubs for a couple of beers….then we gradually turned to be the monsters under your bed that we are now.

Chiara: we’ve been inspired by TONS of artists, our background is a wonderful clutter of ideas! Like Aphex Twin, Murcof, Giorgio Moroder, Etta James, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, GSY!BE, Pavement, Boards Of Canada, The Locust, Elliott, Johnny Cash, Tool, Queen, Minor Threat….I could keep on listing for hours!!!

  • Do you have special places that inspire you except your recording studio ?

Chiara: THE CAR! When we drive we always talk for hoooours about our projects, how to make a song, how to write a vocal…it’s really inspiring!

James: at ThisGasThing house (our videomakers and Bff) in Genova, Italy. But in general every place out of our studio with a bunch of good friends, like our Sidechain Massacre’s bros, is full of potential ideas. The studio (the dark, obscure, stinky crypt) is just the final stage. Oh, and during my daily « upload » at the toilet.

  •  Which software do you work with ? And which equipment do you use during your live ?

 We produce and play with Ableton Live, plus some funny midi controllers like our « Guitar Hero » guitar, wisely mapped by the ThisGasThing. We also use a lot of weird objects to create our sounds: blender, vacuum, mouth, hairdryer, drill…now it’s really popular, but we did it for years!!

  • How long did it take to make your album ? ? And since when did you want to do an album ?

We started working on this Ep about 8 months ago and it took about a couple of months to produce it, but it’s something that we wanted to do for a long time. We had the idea of creating something strongly influenced by our musical roots, so we decided to melt Electro & Post Rock and see what happens… The result surprised us, cause the two genres -apparently very different- are PERFECT together! It was a risk, we know, ’cause the two audiences are diametrically opposite, but we really wanted to feel free of doing something weird just because we fuckin love it!

This single is a tribute to one of the best Post Rock bands EVER, The Mogwai. In 1997 they wrote the incredible « Mogwai Fear Satan », a fuckin looong song full of pathos. We loved it, that sensation of thrills under the skin is exactly what we wanted to create inside one of our songs. As you probably already got, also the title is a quotation! :)

You know what? …kids should know more REAL, GOOD music, not just David Guetta and Justin Bieber!!

It will be out june the 25th on Big Alliance Records, but in the mean time you can listen to an exclusive preview on our Soundcloud page.

  • Now let’s talk about your contest you organize with us : What is the aim of this contest ?

Well, well, well: we’re really excited about this contest!! As you probably know 3 months ago we released our « BLUE DEMON VS EL SANTO » Ep on Freakz Me Out Records.

Since then we received a lot of requests from our fans ’cause they wanted to remix one of our tracks… So we started to think about this juicy idea: what about a BIG CONTEST? It’s summer, schools are closed, kids have too much spare time…so, make a remix for Pelussje!!

Producers can download the STEMS and decide to remix « Blue Demon », « Vs » or « El Santo », the deadline will be the 31st of July 2012, then we will select ALL THE BEST REMIXES (that’s the good part) and create this big « BLUE DEMON VS EL SANTO REMIXES ALBUM » in free download on your awesome Blog! …sounds great, uh?

We will choose the 5 best remixes of each song, so there are a lot of possibilities to be chosen. The very very veeeeery Best One will also win a rich pack of stylish goodies: one pair of SOL REPUBLIC HD Headphones (our Sponsor), 2 Limited Edition Pelussje T-shirts (black & white) and a lot of funny gadgets!! YUM :)

  •  Which are your selection criterion ?

 We don’t have any particular criterion, but we’d like to listen something NEW! Acoustic? Glitch? Polka? Made with farts? EVERYTHING!!!

  • A particular musical genre will be in your selection ?

No matter what genre you’ll choose surprise us! No, really, SURPRISE US.

  • Chiara, for our female listeners, which title would you use to seduce someone ?

 Wow…let me think!  « Oh Yeah » by the Yello… LOL

  • James, for our male listeners, which title would you use to seduce someone ?

 You know, I’m an incurable old-school-emo-kid…so I say « Calm Americans » by the Elliott.

Thanks for answering and taking some of your time

Thanx to you Mr Electro News ! Cheereooo!