The New Wave of Moombahton 4

Posted on 6 août 2012 par


Moomba+ is a web radio and a USA based label who just released the hottest new wave moombahton for the summer !

 » The torch of the New Wave of Moombahton compilation hasn’t been any brighter. Passed down by Walmer Convenience back in May, Moomba+ scoured the net and opened its dropbox for anyone creative enough to be part of this tradition. Many have submitted and little over a handful were selected. Each bringing their own sound and expression to Moombahton. The 12 artists in this compilation come from different backgrounds and bring something unique. Some of these artist might sound familiar to you, others you might have just discovered them. This is not just an ordinary compilation that accepted anything that came into the dropbox, but those that have put many hours designing their own sound to stand apart from everyone else. »

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Tracklist mixed by ViciouzViv

1. Drop That Cow! – Sunny Side Up!
2. Fista Cuffs – Figure – Move Remix
3. Sin Diesel – Disobey
4. Foxsky – Kirby Smash
6. Cy Kosis – What
7. Beatdown The Kid – Bounce
8. CMC 505 & SK-ONE – La Moombah Le
9. Rotten Ralphie – Weekend Starts Tonight
10. Paul Lee – Destroy The Scene
11. Rudeboi – A.N.T FT 2SIK- Rock Da Houze RMX
12. ClichÇ – Birds Eye

Cover Art Work by Steve Oh!