Interview Boys Noize (20/10/12 – Stéréolux/Nantes)

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Electro News :I suppose you’re very excited about this new tour, tell us more about how you feel !

Boys Noize : Well, I feel very good and very lucky to make this tour. I love travelling all around the world, discovering new places. This is a total new challenge for me so I’m a bit nervous but that’s a crazy experience !

EN:Why did you decide to create this new live show ?

BN : « Out of the Black » is my third album so now I have enough songs of mine to play a full concert ! I think DJ-sets are very interesting, playing the tracks of other Djs that you like, doing crazy things on stage and so on, but I wanted to start something new . That’s why I decided to make this live show. And I love it ! .

EN :How and when did you decide to produce electronic music ?

BN : It was in 1998, I was working in a record shop and I started to make some mashups with a friend who had a computer (because I had no computer at that time). Then I bought a computer and started to produce my own tracks.

EN : Why did you do this featuring with Skrillex ?  Was it just about marketing or was it a true desire for musical collaboration ?

BN : (laughs) Neither ! Sonny (Skrillex) was in Berlin. He is a good friend of mine so he came to my studio (he was quite impressed ! ). And little by little we started to make new tracks. We had a lot of fun producing this stuff !

EN : Many people think « Boys Noize » are two persons, so where does your name come from ?

BN : I chose « Boys Noize » just because « Boy Noize » does not sound good ! And it is more to be understood as « Boy’s Noize ».

EN :How many caps do you really own ?

BN : Haha ! I don’t count but there are lots of them.

EN:What are your favorite artists currently ?

BN : Maelstrom is maybe my favorite producer of the moment. But I also love Djedjotronic, Housemeister and other artists from BoysNoize Records.

EN:Thanks for answering our questions Alexander !

BN:You’re welcome, it was a pleasure !

Propos recueillis par Maxime Biauce, Pierre-Charles Fuzel et Antoine Jarry

Merci à Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize d’avoir accepté de nous répondre.

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