Interview Dj Antention for Electro News.

Posted on 18 janvier 2013 par


Electro News: Hi ! Would you mind introducing yourself, for those who don’t know you ?

Dj Antention: Hi Electro News people !I’m Russian, from Saransk. I’m ugly like all Russian guys. I’m 26  years old and I make music

EN: How did you start producing music?

DA: I started in 2008 with remixes on pop electro-house tracks just for fun.

EN: I sometimes saw on Soundcloud that you were nicknamed « the Russian Freak », what do you think about it ?

DA: I don’t know !! I’m not a freak for sure. Maybe my music looks a little bit like a freak . But I’m ok with this nickname.

EN: What words would you use to describe your music ? I’d say « distorsion » and « brutality », do you agree ?

DA:  No, i think my music is positive, relaxing and very sensual !

EN: What is your biggest music achievement so far ?

DA: I’m still an underground street artist, without achievement.

EN: Why « Antention » ?

DA: Because….i can’t explain sorry !

EN: Do you have a job apart from being a DJ or can you earn enough money to live thanks to your music ?

DA: I am a taxi driver in my town.

EN: Do you prefer remixing other artists or producing your own tracks ?

DA: I prefer making original tracks. They are my own production and I don’t need other artists to make them !

EN: Is Russia a country of electronic music ?

DA: Of course, a lot of artists from Russia are known all around the world. Proxy for example !

EN: You recently saw Gerard Depardieu in the street, do you have an opinion about his « exile » from France ?

DA: Hahahahha yes, I remember this day when I woke up and saw on TV that Gérard Depardieu was now a citizen of my town. So, “Bienvenue à Saransk Gérard !”

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EN: What are you working on at the moment ?

DA: I’m currently finishing my last EP which is to be released on Freakz Me Out. And I’m also preparing my new gigs in Leipzig and Minsk.

EN: What is your opinion about today’s mainstream music ? Do you think that trash electro has a promising future ahead ?

DA: I don’t really know today’s mainstream music actually. And yes, I believe that trash and banging electro HAS a promising future ahead !

EN: How do you work ? Do you have a studio or do you produce your music at home ?

DA: I work at home, just with my computer and monitors.

EN: Two of your tracks are named after Russian historical characters (Ivan and Boris). Do you have any interest for them ?

DA: Yes absolutely ! Because I finished University as a  teacher of Russian history.

Interview by Pierre-Charles Fuzel.